Huxleys Gap

The Incredible Huxleys

Stuart Jeffries | Observer | 2nd October 2022

Review of a history of evolution, told via one family: the Huxleys. The two great figures to emerge are T.H. Huxley, Victorian biologist and Darwin's bulldog, and his grandson Julian, who was a fervent eugenicist in the 1920s and a prominent critic of Nazi eugenics in the 1930s. Their influence remains. "We live, depending on your politics, in the shadow or the light of the Huxleys" (1,317 words)

Into The Pre-Gap

Daryl Worthington | Quietus | 26th September 2022

Marking forty years since the first album was released on CD (Billy Joel’s 52nd Street, in Japan). There is little or no nostalgia for CDs, as there is for cassettes or vinyl. Yet the CD gave us two lasting musical quirks: the "pre-gap" or hidden track concealed from the sleevenotes "in the neverzone before the album proper" and the means to loosen the tracklisting by programming songs to skip (2,743 words)

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