Idea Shock

Ideas Want To Be Shared

Kevin Kelly | Technium | 5th January 2022

Copyrights and patents reward their owners excessively at society's expense. Most inventions have multiple inventors. Most "new" things are old things combined or refactored. Most "breakthrough" ideas are incremental additions to existing ideas. Twenty years is plenty for any copyright. "Public domain and fair use should be the default, and an IP monopoly should be the exception"  (1,700 words)

Against Shock

Sam Kahn | 3AM Magazine | 5th January 2022

There was a time when art took upon itself the duty of shocking its public, and when some of its great works were very shocking indeed. But that time was the late 19th century. For the past century or so, "shocking" artworks have grown ever cruder in form and ever more trivial in their effects. It is time for a return to art which is enduring, wise and resonant. Life can supply the shocks (2,860 words)

Audi0: The Original Bambi | Ideas Podcasts | 38m 50s. Discursive conversation with folklore and fairytale scholar Jack Zipes about the origins of Bambi, which began as a "philosophical" essay by the Austrian-Jewish writer Felix Salten in 1921. Salten extended Bambi into a novel which was published in 1923, translated into English — by Whittaker Chambers — in 1928, and filmed by Disney in 1942.


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