Ideas and Ada

Reasons To Study The History Of Ideas

N.N. | Good Optics | 16th November 2021

Short and pleasingly subtle discussion of why we should read the original works of great thinkers rather than relying on selective and secondary accounts. Reading the canonic texts is the surest way to discover the failings and weaknesses of even the noblest minds, the questions they could not resolve, the outmoded and repugnant elements downplayed by sympathetic followers and editors (735 words)

?: Léa Steinacker on Ada and ada

Baiqu Gonkar | The Browser | 5th November 2021

Léa Steinacker is co-founder and chief operations officer of ada, a learning platform for innovative corporate training. She wrote her PhD on the social implications of artificially intelligent systems and was chief innovation officer at WirtschaftsWoche. She talks here about working in eastern Congo, being a founder, Ada Lovelace, Chimamanda Adichie, cognitive biases, and Facebook (7,007 words)


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