Impossible Rules

Helen's Rules Of Writing

Helen Lewis | The Bluestocking | 24th March 2023

How to do journalism. Not everyone does it this way, but the world might be a better place if they did. "If you are talking to an adult and they tell you something that makes you uncomfortable — about their medical history, past addiction, odd sexual fetish — resist the urge to tidy that away. Instead, repeat it back to them and see if they panic horribly, or if in fact they wanted you to know" (1,900 words)

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The Impossible Job

William Ralston | Guardian | 21st March 2023

Being a Premier League referee is an emotionally demanding job. If all goes well, fans will forget the ref is even there. "People mistake refereeing for an objective science, practised badly. But football is a physical sport, and judging whether each contact is within its laws will always involve subjectivity.... Until we accept that subjectivity is part of the game, we’re never going to be satisfied" (9,206 words)

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