Indelible Compliance

Indelible Ink

Sunil Iyengar | Arts Journal | 16th January 2024

The number of books in a child’s home is positively correlated with reading test scores. Would the same hold for digital reading? Recent research claims that the “short length, fast-paced stimuli, and lower linguistic quality” of digital texts may invoke more shallow cognitive processes. For younger students, reading digitally for leisure was associated with lower reading comprehension (1,100 words)

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Compliance, Violence And Overachievement

Conrad Bastable | Radical Contributions | 7th January 2024

Every place is defined by the process used to select its elites, who eventually acquire the monopoly on state violence. Modern American elites are selected for the desire to pass tests and please authority figures, so when in power they prioritise polite compliance. “To engage in violence,” even as an unwilling recipient, “is perceived as failing a societal-level marshmallow test” (10,500 words)

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