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Step Inside The ‘Pain Cave’

Olivier Guiberteau | BBC Sport | 18th January 2024

Courtney Dauwalter is the only ultrarunner to win the sport’s “triple crown” of three 100-mile races in a season, setting a new record for each course. A teacher, she only began running full time in 2017. She regularly wins races ahead of male competitors — once beating the nearest man by ten hours. Scientists think 195 miles is “the magic number where women become faster than men” (2,800 words)

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The Story Of A Mosque

Ruslan Yusupov | Made In China | 18th January 2024

Architectural changes to Laohuasi Mosque in Gansu Province show how serious the Chinese government is about its campaign to “Sinicise Islam”. Domes have been removed and minarets shortened, and a hip-and-gable roof, typical of Chinese design, added. This mosque holds over 6,000 people and altering it so publicly is a rejection of “so-called Arabisation and Saudi-isation” (1,600 words)

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