Insomniac Fantasia

Barneys Fantasia

Adrienne Raphel | Paris Review | 27th April 2022

Anatomy of a departed department store. Barneys was a Manhattan institution that endured for almost a century before its demise in 2019. The company tried to expand to other locations; none thrived as the New York stores did. Barneys was a class marker: "It symbolised what it meant to be a member of the elite". Also, it was the best place to go to the bathroom in the city (4,418 words)

Insomniac Technologies

Sierra Komar | Real Life | 21st April 2022

Sleep aids of the past century — eyeshades, softer pillows, bigger beds — assumed that obstacles to perfect sleep lay outside the body. New "wearable" sleep aids assume them to lie inside the body. We must train ourselves to sleep better by learning more about how we sleep now. Sleep becomes a form of exercise, a form of discipline. By sleeping better, we can sleep less, and work more (2,380 words)

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