Inventing Warsaw

The View From Warsaw

Joy Neumeyer | Baffler | 21st March 2022

Over two million Ukrainians have entered Poland, where lawmakers voted to grant them free travel on public transport, access to health care, and the possibility of three years of residency without a visa. Relations between the two countries have been fractious in centuries past, but the overwhelming support for the refugees is perhaps "a form of apology by a former ruler and fellow sufferer" (2,207 words)

Inventing The Sovereign State

Ali S. Harfouch | Genealogies Of Modernity | 29th March 2022

Discourse on the origin of sovereignty. The continuity between theology and political theory is instructive. "Modernity did not do away with transcendence but rather it transposed it onto the world," the writer argues. The invention of sovereignty reflects "a need for a symbolic order that mirrors what it deems to be permanent". Secular power owes much to religious tradition (1,666 words)

Modernity did not do away with transcendence: it transposed it onto The Browser. We'd love to send you five article recommendations, a podcast and a video tonight:

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