Invisible TV

The Invisible Price Of Water

Oana Filip | Eurozine | 13th December 2023

Communism’s collapse is still keenly felt in the “Romanian Sahara”. A system of pipelines that brought water from the Danube to irrigate these 70,000 hectares of farmland gradually crumbled, and now this sandy area known for growing watermelons and tomatoes struggles with desertification. A formerly horizontal water supply has become vertical, as farmers drill risky deep wells (2,900 words)

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The Virus Inside Your TV

Isaac Butler | Slate | 10th December 2023

For three years, an art collective hid provocative works, many of them about reproduction, in the 1990s soap opera Melrose Place. Their props included: “A pool float in the shape of a sperm about to fertilise an egg. A golf trophy that appears to have testicles. Furniture designed to look like an endangered spotted owl.” They called it “culture jamming”. Few viewers noticed (4,800 words)

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