Jogi Tips

Internet Search Tips

Gwern | 22nd July 2023

Don't be fooled by the bland title. Everyone can learn from this magnum opus. Beginning with simple advice, such as on how to master Boolean operators and search hotkeys, Gwern takes the reader through increasingly advanced strategies for finding research papers, books, theses and other references online. Some of these tips may be known to you, others definitely will not (19,140 words)

From The Browser Eight Years Ago

Rule Of The Jogi

Amara Guriro | Dawn | 26th July 2015

A visit with the Jogis, a community of snake charmers in Pakistan. Each family keeps a stock of venomous snakes around the house, including cobras and vipers, which the children treat as playthings. "A snake cannot bite a jogi child, and even if it does, it will not harm our child since we administer a drop of snake venom as first food to our newborns. This establishes immunity for life" (1,450 words)

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