Kevin Pound

Interview: Kevin Kelly

Noah Smith | Noahpinion | 7th March 2023

Conversation with the "prophet of the tech world". Interesting throughout. It covers: the benefits of optimism, why it's always best to delete the first page of anything you write, the pitfalls of evaluating a technology based on its use in just one culture, why futurism fails all the time, and the concept of "the technium" — all of human-made technology as one interconnected system (7,618 words)

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In For A Pound

Hugh Morris | VAN | 2nd March 2023

Review of the Royal Opera House's £1 ticket, which allows young people to stand at the back of the top tier for selected performances. The cheap entry means that "everything else gets a price tag, with fluorescent exclamation marks, flashing constantly". Nothing in the bar is as affordable as the ticket. The music is clearly not optimised for those standing so far back. Should it be? (2,336 words)

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