Key Quettabyte

The Death Of Key Change

Chris Dalla Riva | Tedium | 9th November 2022

For 30 years or so until 1990 there was a pretty good chance that a Billboard hit single would be written in the key of C, and would feature a key-change in the final verse. But after 1990 something happened. Hit songs were being written in all keys equally; late key-changes had disappeared. Why so? By this analysis, it was hip-hop and computer software that changed the fundamentals (2,200 words)

How Many Yottabytes In A Quettabyte?

Elizabeth Gibney | Nature | 18th November 2022

World governments have agreed on new names for very big numbers. Ten to the power 27 is henceforth a ronna. Ten to the power 30 is a quetta. The last such update took place in 1991, when 10 to the power 24 was christened the yotta. But with the world's computers now expected to produce a yottabyte of data annually in the next decade, the yotta was starting to seem notta lotta (870 words)

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