Kilogram Grouse

The Kilogram

Jeremy Bernstein | Inference Review | 3rd June 2022

Primer on how the Planck constant stabilised the kilogram. The platinum cylinder held by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures that was used as the archetype for the unit has lost 50 micrograms since it was cast in 1889 — hardly "standard". Using quantum mechanics to determine mass removes this issue, even if Planck himself may never have accepted quantum theory (1,313 words)

To Eat A Grouse

Justin Gayner | Vittles | 30th May 2022

Grouse, a game bird with a flavour that provides a "heady blend of faecal and renal", is inextricably tied to wealth and power in Britain. The aristocracy brought down thousands in a day and consumed them at gentleman's clubs reminiscent of their days at Eton. The clubs are still the biggest purchasers of grouse, but the grouse moors are now more often owned by tycoons than dukes (2,642 words)

To make a k.g. standardiser
Required a mind bold and far wiser
Than mine. But to measure
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