Knowledge Alone

Theory Of Knowledge

Jess Zimmerman | Catapult | 3rd June 2022

Short fiction presented as philosophy exam paper. The unnamed narrator unravels the tale of a doomed affair by categorising it, naming every recognisable strand, from sunk-cost fallacy to optimism bias. The style is reminiscent of early 20C novelist Sylvia Townsend Warner. The contrast of the sterile form with the strong emotional currents present in the story is powerful and effective (2,250 words)

Less Alone

Elizabeth Johnson | Bitter Southerner | 7th June 2022

Gentle, reflective account of a month spent living alone as a volunteer caretaker in a remote firewatcher's cabin built in the forests of West Virginia in 1935. The writer observes bears, learns how to cook squirrel, and eventually stops sleeping indoors as a treatment for loneliness. "Sleeping outside made me feel like I was missing less, somehow. Sleeping outside made me feel less alone" (3,126 words)

If lonely, then first, sleep outdoors;*
Then read, greeting new minds with yours.**
With all our top choices
You'll be spoiled for voices
To keep you from solitude's claws.
*Not always advisable
** Always, always advisable

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