Language Bandits

Where The Language Changes

Bathsheba Demuth | Granta | 25th April 2024

For a thousand miles of the Yukon river's course, no settlement along it can be reached by road. Rapid travel is only possible by air or by boat. It makes this part of Alaska a liminal space, close to history, because distances cannot be covered with modern rapidity. In the 19C, Russian and American traders carried out a slow imperial struggle here, to the great detriment of indigenous peoples (5,000 words)

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The Rise Of The Bee Bandits

Oliver Milman | Noema | 2nd April 2024

Once the American west was rife with cattle rustlers. Now thieves pilfer bee hives. Over 2,000 have already been stolen this year. Hives are trucked into California from all over the country to pollinate almond trees. Haphazard unloading and logistical confusion allow heists to go unnoticed. Even the sheriff described here as a "steely sort of bee detective" is struggling to regain control (2,800 words)

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