Lasting Promise

The Lasting Anguish Of Moral Injury

Constance Sommer | Knowable | 18th July 2022

On the evolving idea of "moral injury". This is a new concept in psychology referring to the "psychic wounds" created by situations in which one must violate one's moral code. In a severe case, the sufferer can lose all trust in themselves. Initially seen in military personnel, the definition is now being expanded to cover other roles, such as that of a medical worker during a pandemic (2,679 words)

Promised Land

Eve Fairbanks | Guardian | 5th July 2022

Extract from a book about post-1994 South Africa, focusing on the impossible task handed to black farmers. The apartheid regime "managed to sell a used car on the verge of a breakdown to a family that only realised, when they got in to drive it, that it was a piece of crap. But the family had no other options, so it was necessary that they convince themselves they’d got something of great value" (4,892 words)

A lasting promise is hard to find. Oh, fickle world.
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