Law Hostage

Can Literature Cure Law? Should It?

Robert Spoo | Public Books | 5th March 2024

What makes a law “a force wielded by persuadable decision-makers” as opposed to a collection of words on a page? Interesting attempt to answer this question via the work of W.H. Auden and Seamus Heaney. Literature can “cure” law, some believe, with legal material enhanced through contact with Kafka or Sophocles. But good writing exists for more than just improving our legal systems (2,800 words)

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When I Was A Hostage

Theo Padnos | Persuasion | 14th February 2024

Journalist on two years spent as a hostage in Syria after being captured in 2012 by a group of “amateur terrorists”. War hymns played in the background at all times. “We couldn’t leave those rooms and we couldn’t talk to one another. A peek at our daily calendars would have shown solitary darkness in the morning, followed by shouting at midday, followed by outbreaks of terror at night” (3,200 words)

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