Learned Head

52 Things I Learned In 2022

Tom Whitwell | Magnetic Notes | 1st December 2022

Tom Whitwell's annual assemblage of unexpected facts and claims maintains its usual high standard. "A bolt of lightning contains about ¼ of a kilowatt-hour of power. Even with recent energy price rises, it’s only worth about 9 pence". "In the UK people tend to turn left when entering a building, in the US they turn right — important to remember if you are booking a trade show booth" (1,500 words)

J. Edgar Hoover: Head Of The State

Charles Trueheart | American Scholar | 1st December 2022

“There probably will never be anybody like Mr. Hoover again — nor should there be”, says Beverley Gage in her "subtle and discerning" new biography. Hoover turned the FBI into his private deep state, pandering to presidents while collecting "scandalous dossiers" on them. He died "just in time to avoid witnessing the public repudiation of his life’s work and the destruction of his reputation” (1,320 words)

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