Lethal Hounds

When Lethal Weapons Grew On Trees

Kris De Decker | Low-Tech Magazine | 23rd November 2022

Comprehensive study of the bow and arrow, a technology that was once used on every continent other than Antarctica and Australia (where spear throwing dominated). The oldest bow ever found has been dated to between 6,500 and 7,000 BCE. A bow can be made out of any wood, but yew is best. If you ever need to manufacture one quickly, everything you need to know is here (5,785 words)

The Names Of All Manner Of Hounds

David Scott-Macnab | Viator | Fall 2013 | PDF

This paper about a hitherto unpublished 15C manuscript is free to download but requires email registration; the list of 1,065 names for hunting dogs it contains makes makes it very much worth the extra effort. Names include: Archebawde, Bragger, Eggetene, Halibutte, Joliboye, Knave, Litilman, Mery, Norman, Organ, Plodder, Quester, Sturdy, Thrifti, Veleyne and Wyseman (11,615 words)

Please enjoy this comprehensive list of names for your dog, to enliven neighbourhood walks. Don't have a dog? Splendid: stay at home, keep cosy, and enjoy five outstanding articles a day, plus a video and a podcast, with the full Browser.

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