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A History Of The Poverty Line

Ranil Dissanayake | Asterisk | 4th October 2023

Can poverty be reduced to a number? We imply as much when we talk of people living "below the poverty line". But "poverty line" is at best a useful shorthand; at worst it creates perverse incentives. If your aim is to raise people above your poverty line, you will keep the line as low as you possibly can, defining out of poverty people who are still very poor by any decent measure (4,400 words)

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770 Is Here

George Prochnik | Cabinet | 3rd November 2022

If I have the metaphysics of this correctly, the Messianic role of the late Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson in Chabad-Lubavitch theology has been inherited by the Rebbe's former house in Brooklyn. The redbrick villa is "the active proxy temple housing both the spirit of the Messiah and the actual Divine presence", and Lubavitchers are building replicas of it around the world (4,500 words)

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