Literary Mafia

Inside The Tow Truck Mafia

Rob Stumpf | The Drive | 23rd March 2022

In Ontario, Canada, organised crime is focused on the towing industry. A lack of regulation and a highway authority keen to see obstructions cleared quickly has created an ecosystem of "chasers", in which the first recovery vehicle to reach an accident gets the job. Rival companies battle for territory, resulting in firebombs, shootings and extortion rackets. Try not to break down in Toronto (2,539 words)

Creating A Literary Life In Prison

Deirdre Sugiuchi | Electric Lit | 24th February 2022

Those at risk of incarceration have been known to joke that time inside will give them the leisure to write a bestselling novel. The reality, as this editor of a writing handbook for prisoners reveals, is very different. "Alone time and quiet is non-existent in prison — imagine writing on a tiny bunk with the toilet next to you and potentially your roommate going to the bathroom as you try to type" (2,179 words)

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