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Logical Consistency Is A Social Burden

From Narrow To General AI | 1st March 2024 | U

“Why be consistent? What personal benefit does it bring, except to justify your thinking to others? Formal logic is behind the curve compared to common sense, and must play catch up. You must make decisions on scant information, your beliefs driven by spurious associations and flawed deductions. Maintaining logical consistency is restrictive when it is advantageous to fly by the seat of your pants” (2,100 words)

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In The Market For Embalmed Brain

The Threepenny Guignol | 3rd March 2024 | U

Scandal at Harvard Medical School prompts questions about the ethics surrounding the use of human cadavers. Despite evidence of corpse trafficking and abuse, the accused were charged with mail fraud and transportation of stolen property. The sale of human remains is legal under US law, unless they are Native American. Bodies donated to science are in a grey area with hazy oversight (2,300 words)

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