Loneliness Again

Loneliness Reshapes the Brain

Marta Zaraska | Quanta | 28th February 2023

The feeling of loneliness may well be "an evolved adaptation, similar to hunger". Brain scans support this similarity, and suggest that if loneliness persists too long parts of the brain may actually shrink from lack of use. Research suggests that loneliness is "unpleasant but not necessarily negative" — unless it becomes a constant state. Magic mushrooms are one possible treatment (2,378 words)

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Can We Make Bicycles Sustainable Again?

Kris De Decker | Low-Tech Magazine | 28th February 2023

Cycling is environmentally friendly, but the modern manufacture of bicycles is far from sustainable. The US only makes 60,000 bikes a year; the vast majority are manufactured in Asia and shipped around the world. Bikes are also not necessarily made to last or to be easily repairable. A locally-made bicycle that lasts a lifetime with repairs should be the norm, but isn't (4,895 words)

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