Long Dictionary

Greatest Dictionary Collection In The World

April White | Atlas Obscura | 14th November 2023

When Madeline Kripke died in 2020, the dictionary collection she had amassed in her two-bedroom Manhattan apartment and several storage units comprised an estimated 20,000 volumes. It will take years to catalogue, so for now experts are pulling out volumes at random at which to marvel, from a 17C guide to the "cant" of London's criminals or a 1950s dictionary of slang (1,300 words)

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Look, it's a book. It's not like other books. There's no real way to describe it without ruining the surprise, you might have to take a chance.

The Long Goodbye

Andrew Trees | The Smart Set | 20th November 2023

A fan of Netflix's DVD service, now shuttered, revisits his queue of 485 unwatched films. "I bid you a fond farewell and hope that if meaning comes not from the destination but the journey itself, my queue has suggested an admirable desire to be the kind of person who could speak knowledgeably about the French New Wave. Isn’t my aspiration worthy of at least a single rotten tomato?" (1,370 words)

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