Look Stupid

New Look, Same Great Look

Kim Beil | Lapham's Quarterly | 16th May 2022

The rise of colour photography in the mid-20th century turned long-running scientific and philosophical debates about visual perception and the nature of colour into urgent and practical problems. Why did colours in prints not match colours in real life? Why did objects seem to change colour in different lighting? Kodak, the pioneer of colour film, had a lot of explaining to do (4,000 words)

Seven Varieties Of Stupidity

Ian Leslie | Ruffian | 21st May 2022

We are stupid for different reasons and in different ways. There is pure stupidity, ignorant stupidity, fish-out-of water stupidity, rule-based stupidity, overthinking-stupidity, emergent stupidity and ego-driven stupidity. "Stupidity is often an act of will. People make themselves stupid when it suits them. They don’t just miss out on knowledge; they resist or reject it. They seek minus knowledge" (2,950 words)

Stupidity type number eight
Comes from failing to read something great.
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