Looking Orange

Looking For Virginia Woolf’s Diaries

Geoff Dyer | Paris Review | 12th September 2023

A brilliantly structured essay about a quest to own all volumes of Virginia Woolf's diaries so as to read one small anecdote, which turns out to be in a different book. "That’s the thing about life, something you think lends it a purpose doesn’t last forever. A thing you’d set your sights on turns out to be a misremembered mirage, but that doesn’t mean you give up and stop" (3,050 words)

Orange Is The New Yolk

Marian Bull | Eater | 17th August 2023

There is a fashion in egg yolks. The "yolk phobia" and cholesterol obsession of the mid 20C gave us the egg white omelette. In the early 2000s, the heart disease link debunked, "the soft egg became a ubiquitous hipster entity". Now, golden yolks are engineered at scale with additives like marigolds and turmeric in chicken feed. The result is a pustule of "radioactive, aggressive reddish orange" (5,090 words)

Gone off your breakfast eggs? Never mind - you can still have something interesting to read with your morning brew. The full Browser sends five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily - no added marigold.

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