Looming History

Antarctica’s Looming Threat

Tara Lohan | Revelator | 4th January 2023

As more humans visit Antarctica, so do more invasive species. Ten mites and an earthworm have already arrived. To save the valuable but non-photogenic species, first we must protect the animals we have heard of. “I think when people are thinking of Antarctica, they’re not necessarily thinking of ugly little worms on the seafloor...They’re thinking of penguins and seals and whales” (1,200 words)

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Any time someone achieves success in a way they don't want to admit publicly, they have to come up with an excuse for their abilities. That’s a carrot problem.

The Return Of History

Adam Tooze | Chartbook | 1st January 2023

There was never a guarantee that “history would develop in a direction congenial to the West”. Europe’s precarious post-WW2 success story “congealed into a cliché for export” that allowed a belief in “economic convergence leading to geopolitical and political alignment” to persist much longer than was reasonable. The only question that remains is how the West will respond to this “defeat” (3,200 words)

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