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Asad Raza | Bookforum | 1st June 2022

Interview with Geoff Dyer about his latest essay collection, a book with an "intricate structure" about "last things". Nietzsche features heavily, because he "enters his last phase, where he’s right on the brink of going nuts", but Jack Kerouac and Roger Federer also make appearances. Every thing could be the last thing: "You never know when you’re going to run out of steam" (1,749 words)

Podcast: The Dinner Where It Happened (1790) | This Day in Esoteric Political History. Discussion of an early test of American democracy: when Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson met to thrash out a compromise about the powers of the Treasury and the location of the US Capitol (16m 49s)

Video: The Incredible Logistics Behind Weather Forecasting | YouTube | Wendover Productions. "Day in the life" documentary about how the US National Weather Service collects and interprets the vast quantities of data required to publish accurate forecasts (21m 50s)

You probably don't need to establish the powers of the Treasury over dinner tonight. But the conversation can still be interesting... Get five articles, a podcast and a video, for fresh thoughts to share every day.

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