Lost Polyester

How Polyester Bounced Back

Virginia Postrel | Works In Progress | 21st April 2022

On the rise, fall and rise again of polyester. In the 1960s, it was a wonder-fabric that "freed women from their ironing boards". Then it became synonymous with bad taste and the lower classes. Its fortunes were rescued by sportswear and fast fashion. The polymers are relatively recyclable — and it uses less land to produce than wool or cotton — but it is still far from being sustainable (3,425 words)

The Lost Jews Of Nigeria

Samanth Subramanian | Guardian | 26th April 2022

There is no historical tradition of Judaism in Nigeria, but in the last few decades people have started joining the faith. They come via sects adjacent to Christianity, like the White Garment Sabbath, and then convert. For some, it was a DIY process, listening to recordings of US Hebrew speakers and Jonathan Sacks lectures online. Others see the rejection of Christianity as a rejection of colonialism (6,843 words)

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