Love Drunkenness

A Love Letter To Public Libraries

Julia Fischer | 34th Street | 16th February 2024 | U

Mourning the loss of public libraries to budget cuts. Libraries are more than a place to get books; they are an example of the “ever-rarer third place” — spaces other than the home and workplace vital to community and human flourishing. Their disappearance exacerbates the epidemic of loneliness. “Even if I knew no one’s name, being in a room full of people affected how tied I felt to the community around me” (2,500 words)

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Time Drunkenness And Work Martyrdom

Peter Limberg | Less Foolish | 17th February 2024

Time drunks and work martyrs, on either extreme, are the “two fools of modern work” who offer life lessons — as fools often do. To be time drunk is to forget that time exists — “a contemplative disposition that puts work in its proper place”. Whereas a work martyr selflessly sacrifices for something other than themselves. There is a virtuous mean between the two, where work is neither demonised nor glorified (1,300 words)

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