Love Yaar

Last Love

Sophie Elmhirst | Guardian | 23rd November 2023

Love story from the end of life. "Mary had so many metaphors for it. Derek was a blinding meteorite across her sky; it was like someone switched on the sun. She was knocked off her feet, smashed over the head with love. Derek proposed. In her room one day, quietly. Did she want to get married? Yes please. He bought her an amethyst ring, because she had always wanted an amethyst" (4,000 words)

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Yaar Parivaar

Neerja Deodhar | Mid Day | 5th November 2023

Literal translation: "dude family". A growing number of urban professionals in India are choosing to remain single into middle age and beyond. They are setting up multi-person households, often with children and pets cared for communally. Informal economic instruments are emerging around these setups — as unrelated people can't open joint bank accounts, a barter system evolves (2,440 words)

Whether with your late-life love or your dude family, you should always have something scintillating to discuss. The full Browser sends five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily, to keep you and yours fascinated.

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