Magic Mussolini

The Third Magic

Noah Smith | Noahpinion | 1st January 2023

Brad DeLong calls this piece "better than anything I read in all 2022". The three "magics" discussed here are (i) writing, broadly defined to mean all ways to record information; (ii) science, broadly defined to include the scientific method, mathematics, logic and reason; (iii) the capacity to control and predict events, now emerging from the confluence of computation, big data and AI (3,580 words)

Mussolini In Public And Private Life

Andrea Bajani | Literary Hub | 5th January 2023

Let's say you were a young girl in Italy in the 1920s when Mussolini seemed strong, exciting, full of possibilities. You went to his rallies. You cheered his speeches. You made him Mussolini. But you never hurt a fly. Time passes. Now you are older, much older, in the Italy of the 1990s. Any regrets? Any feelings of guilt? What were you hoping for all those years ago? What is your share of fascism? (2,900 words)

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