Magnolia Lies

What Lies Beneath

Laura Maw | Real Life | 7th March 2022

The contents of the internet is largely dead; most sites are not updated. A dead link is "a sign of ruin in an otherwise living space". This has caused "a crisis of concealment", in which designers work to hide what is aesthetically displeasing. "Navigating a landscape of dead sites changes the way we look at living ones; clean, minimalist design only cloaks the evidence of inevitable decay"(2,602 words)

The Beauty Of The Magnolia

Ben Dark | House & Garden | 13th April 2022

The magnolia tree owes its "robust and architectural" flowers to the fact that it evolved to attract beetles as pollinators rather than bees. The latter are so efficient that plants can have much smaller, frailer flowers, whereas beetles must be lured in with huge petals and buds that emit heat. The magnolia's glory develops slowly, over decades. The trees are "wedded to the place they have grown" (1,931 words)

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