Making Fossils

Making Architecture Easy

Samuel Hughes | Works In Progress | 7th September 2023

A useful way to think about architectural styles. A building can be "easy" or "challenging". An easy building is one that everybody can enjoy. A challenging building is one that only connoisseurs may appreciate. In literature, music, and the fine arts, new works are expected to be challenging. But architecture is different. If a building imposes itself on the public view, it has a duty to be easy (5,076 words)

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Eating Fossils

Jan Zalasiewicz | Palaeontological Association | 1st November 2017

Behold the winner of this year's Ig Nobel prize for Chemistry and Geology (the prize for Nutrition having gone to a paper about electrified chopsticks, Augmented Gustation Using Electricity). In the days before modern chemistry, geologists would taste rocks for hints of their composition, and lick them to reveal textures and colours. "One could literally develop a taste for stratigraphy" (2,660 words)

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