Marriage Broths

Nietzsche's Tips For A Great Marriage

Skye Nettleton | Indo-Pacific Journal Of Phenomenology | 1st October 2009

Somewhat tongue in cheek marital advice assembled from Nietzsche's works. He believed that "love is a feeling; feelings are involuntary; and a promise cannot be made based on something that one has no control over. Instead of expecting such ephemeral feelings to form the basis of a long-term partnership, we should commit to actions that "are usually the consequences of love" (5,600 words)

The Perpetual Broths

Blair Mastbaum | Atlas Obscura | 15th December 2022

Both Chinese and French cuisines have the centuries-old tradition of keeping a pot of stock constantly simmering, adding ingredients as they come into season and using it as the base for all manner of dishes. Some "mother broths" in use today have been on the boil for decades, but legend tells of one in Perpignan that had been going since the 1400s; it was destroyed in a WW2 bombing raid (1,316 words)

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