Marriage Pulse


Nell Stevens | London Magazine | 18th January 2023

Short story about learning the piano, starting a family, and travelling across Europe to see Chopin's heart. "To ensure he wouldn’t wake up underground, Chopin requested his heart be taken from his body before he was buried. And so when he died, his sister, Ludwika Jędrzejewicz, removed the heart and placed it in a jar of cognac. She smuggled it, under her cloak, back to Warsaw" (4,982 words)

Is There Hope For Marriage?

Mary Harrington | Hedgehog Review | 9th December 2022

Only if we let go of "Big Romance", which does not mean entering into passionless commitments, but rather "accepting that romance and affection are great but not the chief objective of a thriving marriage". Partnerships where couples consider that their purpose is to work together on the "common business of living" offer a more flexible and in many cases equitable vision of married life (2,102 words)

The common business of living is, it turns out, pretty time consuming. So let us take the time to find you a little uncommon art. We select five outstanding pieces of writing every day, plus a video and a podcast - to make your time out special.

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