Martian Genius

Martian Minutes

Matt Webb | Interconnected | 18th January 2022

A day on Mars is 39.5 minutes longer than a day on Earth. So when humans get to Mars and need to co-ordinate with humans on Earth, how will they agree on the time? Nasa has been experimenting with wristwatches set to lose 39.5 minutes each 24-hour day. A more metaphysical option: Let all Martian clocks stop at 00:00 each midnight and restart 39.5 Earth-minutes later at 00:01. (1,115 words)

The Year Of Duke Ellington

Harmony Holiday | Black Music And Black Muses | 18th January 2022

We all need more Duke Ellington in our lives — for his musical genius, of course, but also for his qualities as a role-model. Ellington's was "a lucky spirit, a winner’s spirit which made battle appear and sound effortless but never cowered in the face of it". He "maintained the exacting chivalry of a leader effective enough to remind us how to love and console one another even amidst uproar" (1,650 words)  


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Ecléctico Music Selection: "Nin Hun", by Maryam Mursal – a singer and composer from Mogadishu, Mursal's music is a hybrid of African and Arabic influences unique to Somalia.

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