Mass Mystery

Mass And Consciousness

Colin McGinn | 5th July 2023

We do not have a theory of mind; we draw inferences from observing how people behave. But are we any the wiser when it comes to matter? Here, too, we merely draw inferences from observing how "things" behave. We may say that matter has (or is) mass — but what, then, is mass? If we define mass in terms of inertia, what then is inertia? Why is it a property of some things and not of others? (750 words)

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Mystery At The Oslo Plaza

Lars Wegner | VG | 28th June 2022

On June 3rd 1995 a woman is found dead in a room at the Plaza Hotel in Oslo, shot through the head with a pistol that is still in her right hand. It looks like suicide. But why did she check in under a false name, why are the labels stripped from her clothes, and why is carrying a bag of bullets? Was she a spy? An assassin? Almost 30 years later, meticulous re-investigation sheds some new light (19,000 words)

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