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On Water Matters

Grant Wyeth | The Interpreter | 1st August 2022

The best way to get to know a place is "to travel through it by the most inconvenient means". Around the Baltic Sea, that means taking a ferry instead of a flight. This ship has bars, slot machines, "a piano man is belting out soft pop classics" and a terrible magician. Safe passage has only been possible since the end of the Cold War; Russia's invasion of Ukraine now makes it uncertain (915 words)

What If Letterforms Had More Serifs?

Angela Riechers | Eye On Design | 3rd August 2022

Discussion of a new font that blends letterform and decoration. The designer started from the premise that "there are not enough serifs in our typefaces", a question that the writer observes is like asking "why can’t people have an extra set of arms at waist level?". Serifs exist to guide the eye from letter to letter, but here they adorn all vertices, giving the impression of rapid motion (1,086 words)

Why can't people have an extra set of arms at waist level, though?
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