Maze Moquette

Life Of A Corn Maze Designer

J. Bryan Lowder | Slate | 28th October 2023

The "agritainment" business is booming. Farmers make more money putting on events than actually farming. Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, pig races — these are the high yield crops. The corn maze designer interviewed here thinks of each plant as a pixel, from which he then constructs a pattern for planting. American flags, the Statue of Liberty and the odd country singer are popular motifs (2,500 words)

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A History Of Moquette

Anonymous | London Transport Museum | 31st October 2020

Moquette, a velvet-like material, is favoured by upholsterers for its durability. In the 1920s, it became the fabric of choice for London transport. Artists like Paul Nash and Enid Marx were commissioned to create intricate designs that gave trains and buses a modish visual identity. And the tradition continues: new moquette can still be found on the seats that zoom beneath the city (700 words)

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