Measuring Cloud

Measuring The Mobile Body

Laura Jung | Eurozine | 17th April 2024

History of surveillance technology, long before AI facial recognition. The 19C brought an obsession with turning the human body into data and code. Bertillonage, and the archiving of its results, was a major way this was achieved. An exacting system of measurements devised in the 1870s by a French police clerk, this process was the forerunner of every biometric ID now in use (3,400 words)

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The Cloud Under The Sea

Josh Dzieza | Verge | 16th April 2024

The world runs on a network of submarine cables that carry all of our data. A secretive fleet of maintenance vessels hover, ready to carry out repairs when needed. They still use the same techniques as in the Victorian era: hook the cable up with a grapnel anchor, bring it on board, fix it and then put it back. Humans cause the most breakages, mostly with fishing equipment (10,000 words)

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