Medieval Feathers

Ruffled Feathers

Lyndsie Bourgon | Walrus | 4th July 2022

For years, a small town in British Columbia was terrorised by a flock of feral peacocks. They ate plants, scratched cars with their talons, and chased the rubbish collection truck down the street screeching. Some residents felt they added to the gaiety of the neighbourhood, while others campaigned for their removal as the area became more gentrified. A case study in community tension (1,989 words)

Did The Early Medieval Era Ever Take Place?

Jonn Elledge | The Newsletter of (Not Quite) Everything | 4th July 2022

On the "phantom time hypothesis", a niche conspiracy theory positing that the early Middle Ages never happened, because rulers around the turn of the second millennium secretly jumped the calendar forward 297 years. Superficially, there is some evidence to support this theory — but only if you ignore everything that happened in Asia, the Islamic world and the Eastern Roman Empire (1,453 words)

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