Memory Openings


Andrew Kahn | Oxford Academic | 30th September 2022

How to begin a short story — or, indeed, any more ambitious work. There are two basic approaches: Foreshadow the plot, and/or grab the attention. "If there were a contest for the best all-time opening lines of literature, either the Old Testament (‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’) or the Gospel according to John (‘In the beginning was the Word’) might well take the prize" (4,606 words)

Paul McCartney's Memory

Ian Leslie | Ruffian | 24th September 2022

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Paul McCartney possesses a prodigious memory for music, for people, and for the trivia of everyday life. Is his capacity to draw on such memories, consciously and unconsciously, one key to his genius? "The richer and more varied our store of unconscious memories, the more combinations are generated, the more creative and insightful we’re likely to be" (2,520 words)

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