Micro Grimes

The Universe With Grimes

Samo Burja | Palladium | 8th December 2023

Interesting throughout. Canadian-born musician Grimes talks about AI, society, and the future of humanity: "Singular genius and agency can move mountains. It’s good to foster the idea that you can aspire to that. But I do agree with the criticism that historical focus on this can downplay the contributions of others. Every time I go to a hospital I’m like, damn, there’s heroes all around me" (4,200 words)

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The perfect stocking-stuffer for the creative person in your life: Book, the book unlike any other.

Macro And Micro Necessity

Colin McGinn | 8th December 2023

The most fundamental question in philosophy is why there is anything rather than nothing. The next most fundamental question is whether things are necessarily the way they are, and what that even means. "Is it an essential property of a particular human arm that it is an arm? Could an arm have been a tooth or a bladder? If you reduce an arm to a pile of dust, it no longer exists. It isn’t a dusty arm" (916 words)

Once you've solved 'Why is there anything rather than nothing?', you're still left with the second great philosophical conundrum: 'Gosh, there is a lot of everything, isn't there?' . Let us help solve that one. The full Browser guides you through the chaos, taking you straight to five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily.

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