Military Media

Military Failures Of Fascism

Bret Devereaux | Unmitigated Pedantry | 23rd February 2024

“Being good at war is central to fascism in all its forms. Despite this positioning, fascist governments are generally bad at war. A shocking percentage of these regimes started wars of choice, which resulted in the absolute destruction of their state. We miss this fact because fascism heavily prioritises all the signifiers of military strength, the pageantry rather than the reality — which beguiles people” (3,300 words)

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Common Law And Regulating Social Media

Morgan Ricks & Ganesh Sitaraman | LPE Project | 26th February 2024

Case for designating social media platforms as common carriers. The core idea: businesses which provide essential services to commerce and tend towards monopoly need to be governed by special rules in public interest. Some believe this might prevent deplatforming. While there are fears about unmoderated content, common carriers have always been able to exclude users as long as it was reasonable (1,100 words)

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