Milk Mathematics

How To Milk

Emily Ogden | Granta | 17th August 2022

Lactation in cows and in humans, compared. Feeding other beings with your body sounds like a dystopian nightmare, but it is "also a thing that women and other female mammals do every day". Milk flows more easily from a cow than from a human, because cows stand on all fours: "The dangling of the teat, the direction of milk flow and the direction of gravity’s pull are all the same" (2,400 words)

New Moral Mathematics

Kieran Setiya | Boston Review | 15th August 2022 | U

William MacAskill's new book, What We Owe The Future, is being discussed and reviewed in every major publication this week. This is the most comprehensive and intelligent review that I have seen, and a fair substitute for reading the book. Setiya balances MacAskill's idealism against his naivety. In brief: Fantasising about the future is all very well, but not if it distracts us from present realities (5,010 words)

Fantasising about the full Browser experience is all very well, but not if it distracts us from present realities: namely, that there are three more articles, a podcast and a video missing from this free edition. Sigh. Go on - make those secret dreams come true.

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