Model Goat

The Model Is The Message

Benjamin Bratton & Blaise Aguera y Arcas | Noema | 12th July 2022

When discussing whether an Artificial Intelligence can ever be truly “intelligent” or even “conscious” we plunge ourselves into confusion by using words that we would struggle to define even when applying them to our own minds. "The real lesson for philosophy of AI is that reality has outpaced the available language to parse what is already at hand. A more precise vocabulary is essential" (5,100 words)

Do Goats Like Goat Yoga?

Emma Wallenbrock | Slate | 7th July 2022

"Somewhat", seems to be the answer. But the choice of goat matters, both for goat and for attendant humans. The optimal matmate is probably the Nigerian dwarf goat, noted for its “calm temperament", "engaging personality" and full-grown top weight of 40 pounds, making it a touch more welcome, should it jump on your back, than a 150-pound Oberhasli or a 160-pound Nubian buck (1,030 words)

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