Moon Perspectives

Jeff Koons Goes To The Moon

Daniel Riley | GQ | 23rd February 2023

Well-rounded profile of Jeff Koons incorporating all of the reservations any reasonable person might have about his art-works and his business model, while still finding time for the qualities — candour, consistency, optimism, resilience, perfectionism — which have made him America's most successful living artist. Which you don't get to be without having some kind of genius (6,700 words)

From The Perspectives Of Objects

Ceridwen Dovey | Sydney Review Of Books | 20th February 2023

Children's fiction is full of inanimate narrators, yet adult fiction rarely experiments with this trope. Why not? Partly because "the spectre of ridiculousness" haunts any such attempt. But research reveals this to be an idea of good pedigree (John Berger, Italo Calvino and Jorge Luis Borges all approved). Perhaps your next novel will be narrated by the toaster, rather than the toaster's owner (4,900 words)

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