Moral Starvation

The Moral Economy Of High-Tech Modernism

Henry Farrell & Marion Fourcade | Daedalus | 16th March 2023

By no means an easy read, but well worth one's time and attention. Most things in society require organisation of one sort or another. Organisation requires classification of the things to be organised. The power to classify is thus a great power. The exercise of that power is now passing, scarcely remarked and scarcely understood, from bureaucrats to algorithms. Who benefits? (4,400 words)

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The Impact Of Starvation

Andrew Doig | Delancey Place | 29th March 2023

How people behave when very hungry, according to an American clinical study conducted in 1944. Thirty-six men, all conscientious objectors to wartime service, were underfed and overworked for six months. They became angry, depressed, withdrawn, even psychotic. They hoarded. Food became their sole obsession. Allowed unrestricted food again, they binge-ate for three months (850 words)

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