Moved Cat

Moved Along

Grace Benninghoff | Portland Press Herald | 5th December 2023

Day in the life of an unhoused person. She wakes at dawn to pack her belongings and thus avoid losing them in a coming “encampment sweep” that will destroy the tent she has been sheltering in. A still-valid gym membership allows her a warm shower and the chance not to “look homeless” for a few minutes. Drugs, shivering, fear, uncertainty and walking for miles fill the rest of her time (2,600 words)

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What Makes A Good Cat?

Emily Stewart | Vox | 11th December 2023

It is a mistake to assess cats by human or even canine standards. “Cats aren’t here to serve us; the relationship is more of a push and pull. They require boundaries. When a cat is dissatisfied, owners know it, and its surroundings are often at fault. If you’ve got a ‘bad’ cat, the bad is on you. Cats are not as eager to make people happy in the way dogs are, nor are they as motivated by food” (3,000 words)

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